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Dan Zemper


Traverse City, MI



I've had my Bearclaw Balthazar for just about a year. I seriously didn't think that anything could be a better ride than my previous carbon fat bike. It turned out that I was quite wrong. Jason and Co. at Einstein Cycles in TC have indeed designed a frame that is more than worth a good look and serious consideration. The geometry that they have settled on is at the same time stable yet capable of anything that is asked of it. I bought the lowest level setup and added a few carbon items (saddle, bars & seat post) making it closer to the mid level bike. After trashing the deraillure this spring; I stepped up to the XX1. I also put the Kenda Pro 4 tires on for the summer. I am now square-on 22lbs. Also durable I might add. I beat on this thing, I weigh 175ish and ride it hard. I can't believe the feel of it. It's as though I'm on a road bike while I have all of that traction underneath. Completely "flickable". I ride it all year round, with the light tires in the warmer months it's faster than I am. I look forward to a set of more aggressive tires for the snow. It has been good with Dillinger 4's, but I'll be looking into more grip for soft conditions. Sadly, I have to say that this bike has far more capability than I can make full use of anymore. In racing back in the 90's my bikes never felt like this. They didn't have the capabilities and confidence inspiring performance. This, and it's a "fat" bike, it just doesn't feel like it is. Possibly you can max one out?

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